Congrats to our Award Winners

What a fantastic night had by all at our 2016 Presentation Night! A big thank you to Amanda for organising the event and everyone else who was involved.

A massive congratulations to all our 2016 prize winners!

1st Grade Women      Best and Fairest (Nina White Award)    Claire Purnell
1st Grade Women      Coaches Award     Emma Hislop
2nd Grade Women    Best and Fairest    Micki Mueller
2nd Grade Women    Coaches Award     Emma Spencer
3rd Grade Women     Best and Fairest    Alex Wolters
3rd Grade Women     Coaches Award     Susannah Gynther
4th Grade Women     Best and Fairest    Maddie Dockrill
4th Grade Women     Coaches Award     Beth Clarke
5th Grade Women     Best and Fairest    Pia Stutchbury
5th Grade Women     Coaches Award     Taylah Murray
6th Grade Women     Best and Fairest    Kearney Byth
6th Grade Women     Coaches Award     Louisa Brammall
1st Grade Men            Best and Fairest (Joe Dean Award)    Luke Kliendienst
1st Grade Men            Coaches Award    Owen Logan
2nd Grade Men          Best and Fairest    Darren Cox
2nd Grade Men          Coaches Award     Kalervo Gulson
3rd Grade Men          Best and Fairest    Joey Crane
3rd Grade Men          Coaches Award     Greg Ford
4th Grade Men          Best and Fairest    Tim Austin
4th Grade Men          Best and Fairest    Tony Hannon
4th Grade Men          Coaches Award     Jackson Bush
5th Grade Men          Best and Fairest    Ben Barker
5th Grade Men          Coaches Award     Hemadri Bargoti
Perpetual Trophies     
Top Goal Scorer of the Year (Ian Jessup Trophy) - Roy De Beer      
Coaches Development Award (Ralph Scott Trophy) - Kath Courtney    
Kirsty Gibbs - Amanda Nabulsi    
Team of the Year - 2nd Grade Men    
Fantasy Manager of the year - Lenny Furtado
University Games Male Magut of the Year - Patrick Nicoll    
University Games Female Magut of the Year - Emma Spencer