First Committee Meeting for 2018 Season

Please join us next week if you would like to involved in running the club during the 2018 season. Many hands make light work and it is important that we have a committee that reflects the diversity of the club so that all members interests are represented. Details of the meeting are as follows:

When: Tuesday 14th November 2017
Time: 7.30pm Meeting (from 7pm for dinner)
Where: The Ranch Hotel
Who: All of you!!

Click for the Agenda

Vote for 2017 Kirsty Gibbs Award

Who was Kirsty Gibbs?

Kirsty Gibbs was a member of Macquarie University Women's Hockey Club who passed away at a young age in 1998.  She was a Magette through and through - tough on the field, and cheerful and smiley off the field. 

She put a huge amount of her time and energy into the club, was President of the Mac Uni Women's Hockey club (in those days Mens and Women's Clubs were separate), and played a key role in initiating and developing the club into the fantastic family we all enjoy  being part of today.

Why is there an award named after her?

Since she passed away, the Kirsty Gibbs Award has been presented annually to someone who reflects Kirsty's attitude, efforts and achievements in relation to Macquarie University Hockey Club - on and/or off the field. In short, the Kirsty Gibbs Award is the 'Club Person of the Year'. Every club member for 2017 can vote - so please do!!

1. Click on Alli's email address 

2. Tell her who you think should win the award, and a sentence why.

3. Give yourself a pat on the back. 

4. Go have a great restful post hockey season weekend! 

2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is an important part of the MAGUT calendar if you'd like to keep you beloved club running! Catch up with your team for lunch from 12.30pm and then join us for the meeting at 2pm to make sure your vote counts for next year's EXEC. and other important decisions. 

Date: Saturday 21st October
Location: Great Northern Hotel (To Be Confirmed)
Time: Meet your team & others for lunch from12.30pm
Meeting starts at 2pm

Please be aware we have minimum attendance requirements or the meeting cannot go ahead. It is a legal requirement for us to have an AGM each year. With your favourite maguts there - it can't possibly be a bore!!

Keen to join the committee, have your say, or run for Exec? Contact Cat Nugent for role descriptions or nominations

Nominations for Life Members - Please send nominations for life membership to the club to Jimmy Birkefeld.

MUHC 2017 Presentation Night

What a great season we've had MAGUTS. And what better way to celebrate it by joining us at the 2017 MUHC Presentation Night on Saturday, October 14 at Hard Rock Cafe in Darling Harbour. The annual presentation night is set to be THE night of the season. Partners and family are welcome to attend. 

Enjoy a delicious 3-course sit down meal, unlimited beverages, celebrations, entertainment, dancing, MAGUT banter and lots more! 

Dress Code: Cocktail with a touch of medals

Purchase your tickets for $100.00 via the link provided.

We look forward to celebrating another season with you.